Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 9.0.2 Build 15 + Edit Connection Repack


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Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 9.0.2 Overview

The Fusion package is the most advanced software for imposing visual effects, broadcast graphics and 3D animation. For more than 25 years, since its inception, Hollywood studios have created in it more than a thousand world-famous blockbusters.

A powerful program interface is built on the basis of nodes that allow you to quickly and easily add combined special effects. Thanks to a huge set of tools and functions, Fusion will help to change any material, whether it’s an air program, an advertisement, a TV series or a full-length feature film!

Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 9.0.2 Build 15 + Edit Connection Repack

Features of Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 9.0.2

Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 9.0.2 Crack free download.

• A new level of visualization.
The best Hollywood movies contain hundreds, and sometimes thousands of different 2D and 3D elements, perfectly embedded in the original image. Thanks to Fusion, the entire compositing process is built on the basis of three-dimensional nodes; It is possible to import 3D models and material from other applications, and hundreds of tools, effects and filters allow you to create truly high-quality film and television products.
• Compositing
Any process of creating visual effects begins with compositing, that is, overlapping one image to another. Thanks to Fusion, this is a simple action, for which two basic tools are sufficient. Merge allows you to quickly connect both images together in two-dimensional space, and Merge 3D – in a three-dimensional environment.
• Node-Based Workflow
Leading Hollywood professionals prefer to work with nodes to have precise control over each element. All nodes represent separate stages of image processing and are arranged in the form of a logical structure that eliminates the piling of layers and makes it possible to split complex scenes into simpler components.
• Three-dimensional workspace
Fusion is a software environment for creating visual effects and whole scenes in a three-dimensional workspace. You can process complex material that combines 2D video and 3D models, render them and combine these elements with geometric shapes, virtual cameras and light sources, and add voluminous fog.
• Keying and masking
In order to create a perfect composite image, it is important to be able to remove the blue or green background, as well as unnecessary details. The Fusion package includes a number of exceptionally powerful keying modules, including the new Delta tool. It uses a modern processing method along with various Matte settings, allowing you to achieve the highest results and save the smallest details in the frame.
• Rotoscoping
Rotoscoping is used to isolate actors or objects from other elements in the frame. Splines and Bezier curves allow you to quickly draw out the outline of any subject and apply tracking. The data of plane tracking allows you to do without manual animation of such operations as scaling, rotation, positioning, movement and changing perspective.
• Stabilization and tracking
To create a realistic image, you must achieve complete synchronization of moving objects. Fusion allows you to automatically track subjects in the frame and stabilize them. In addition, there is a planar tracking, with which you can replace pointers or other surfaces. In addition, the Camera Tracker function appeared to analyze the real camera path so that the virtual elements were accurately inscribed in the finished film material.
• 3D particles
Fusion opens extraordinary creative possibilities through the use of a 3D particle generator, which allows creating a whole world of various effects. With their help it is easy to simulate such natural phenomena as snow or rain, and physical actions, like attraction, deviation or ricochet. This function will be useful if you need, for example, to animate a flock of birds or an ant colony. Since the particles are integrated into a three-dimensional workspace, they will be integrated with the other elements of the scene.
• In vector drawing
Fusion has independent drawing tools that allow you to customize and change settings such as brush style, blend mode and smear shape. Using this function, you can quickly remove wires from the frame, the details of the shooting equipment and other unnecessary elements – just copy one area to another, paint over the image or add completely new items.
• Working with color
The specified color characteristics when applying visual effects are achieved by processing with the accuracy of the 32-bit floating point, thanks to the integration of the Open Color I / O tool, the ability to convert color space for monitoring purposes and through the presence of special control indicators.
• Combining images and graphics
The frames of modern feature films are a combination of live images and elements scrupulously created on the computer. Fusion makes it possible to quickly import and process 3D models using popular applications such as Maya, so rendering, compositing and adding light takes much less time. In addition, projection tools are provided that provide visualization without using complex 3D geometry.

• 3D objects and VR
The software package will help you from scratch perform any tasks with 3D objects in feature films, video games and VR projects. It has a working 3D space with a 360º view, allowing you to import models and scenes from applications such as Maya, 3ds Max and Cinema 4D, so rendering, compositing and lighting of large objects can be done directly in Fusion. No other application has such functionality! Fusion gives full control over the parameters of visual effects, while for all tasks one system is used.
• The unlimited potential of a three-dimensional workspace
A three-dimensional workspace with OpenGL support provides interactive editing of a huge number of polygons, 3D effects and 3D particles, and thanks to the preview function, the final rendering takes hours, and in seconds, not hours.
• High degree of interactivity
Thanks to the panoramic 360 ° working space, Fusion 9 displays post production at a qualitatively different level. For interactive interaction with objects in a virtual environment, you can use a special window or such popular VR helmets as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. To perform all actions in real time, the graphics processor is accelerated. Additionally, there is a Spherical Camera tool that provides stereoscopic scene rendering in a single pass without the need for a complex multi-camera system.
• Importing 3D models and scenes
Fusion allows you to save time on recreating projects that have been processed with other applications, such as Maya and 3ds Max. You can import images from cameras and download files in FBX or Alembic formats to perform compositing, lighting and rendering of 3D effects in one environment.
• Built-in 3D objects
In Fusion, it’s easy to create your own 3D objects using the built-in drawing tools and simple geometric elements. The package has a library of basic objects and figures, allowing you to quickly get started. When you enter text or import a vector illustration, you can instantly place the material in a voluminous environment, give the edges a tapered shape, change the texture, cast shadows and add reflection.

• Lighting and darkening with the reality effect
To create believable 3D scenes, high-precision lighting tools are required. Fusion allows you to add an unlimited number of customizable lighting sources and control their interaction with the elements of the composition. You can change the parameters of general, directional and scattered light, as well as shading individual details.
• A complete set of tools for working with stereoscopic video
Fusion provides a set of tools that, based on optical flow algorithms, eliminate the complex reconciliation and synchronization problems that arise in 3D production. The software package simplifies the work with a stereoscopic image thanks to the use of a separate camera and can even create bulk material from two-dimensional video. For this reason, Fusion is used to convert 2D movies to 3D more often than other applications.
• Compositing using extensive data
If a 2D image is rendered as an EXR file in a 3D application, RGBA data and its XYZ coordinates in three-dimensional space are obtained for each individual pixel. Fusion uses a combination of these parameters to superimpose volume effects in 2D frames. This allows you to add fog or highlight, after which the visualization takes seconds, not hours, as often happens in the case of complex geometry processing.
• Volumetric effects
Effects of atmospheric phenomena, such as fog or haze, make the shots more realistic. Since Fusion uses GPU acceleration, the result can be seen instantly even without rendering. With the help of spatial coordinates of each pixel, virtual elements will be organically inscribed into any scene!
• Optimized rendering
The process of processing 3D images will be faster if you use Fusion to adjust the light, brightness and other parameters. One EXR file can contain different kinds of passes, normals, coordinates and many other data. Each of them is easy to connect to any of the nodes, which allows you to quickly apply filters and effects without performing a re-rendering.
• Network rendering without restrictions
By purchasing Fusion Studio, you get the ability to install a modern three-dimensional package for processing with the accuracy of a 32-bit floating point on an unlimited number of stations. To perform the rendering, there is a built-in Render Manager tool or applications such as Deadline, Qube and Rush. Additional costs for license fees are not required!

• Ethereal and Cinematographic Graphics
Fusion designers use Fusion to work on a variety of projects, from TV announcements to titles and animations for feature films, television series and commercials. The program allows you to go beyond the two-dimensional space and import 3D-objects from other applications or create your own scenes. Once the desired composition is received, hundreds of effects can be applied to it, adding particles and other elements.
• Two and three-dimensional titles
Fusion has tools for working with 2D and 3D text, allowing you to transfer the titles to a three-dimensional environment along with formatting, add reflection, relief texturing and shadows. There is an opportunity to animate individual symbols, apply glow and a number of other effects!
• Adding three-dimensional logos
For commercials and screensavers, you often need to animate logos. It is possible to import three-dimensional symbols from Cinema 4D, 3ds Max or Maya, and also to transfer vector 2D files from Illustrator and other applications. Fusion allows you to choose the material, use shading and depth of field, and manipulate the shape!
• Animation based on curves
To create a smooth transition in Fusion, lines, splines and Bezier curves are provided. With their help, you can variously animate effects, including by looping key frames, inversing them, or alternating use.
• Duplicating objects
The copy tool automatically creates a series of repeating objects to fill in any template. It is enough to specify the parameters of the breakdown to get a complex and effective graphic animation. Also, special tools for adding variability are provided, and then the generated effects will have a natural appearance!
• Realistic motion of 3D particles
Fusion allows you to create effects of glow, rotation and sparking, as well as simulate physical actions such as attraction or ricochet, when three-dimensional particles naturally change their state. They can use 3D geometry, change color and even become a source of new particles, and at the same time interact with other elements of the scene!
• Vector drawing
Fusion has a vector drawing tool for creating new image elements with a huge number of combinations by color, texture and style. The strokes of the brush can be displayed in the form of editable spline curves to get a dynamic change in time. If you want to achieve even greater accuracy, use a touchpad that helps control the transparency and size of the smear.
• Importing files with layers from Photoshop
Fusion allows you to import from Photoshop a full image, all or only individual layers. Each of them automatically becomes a node, while the overlay modes are preserved and access to the editing tools in the software package. Now those who work with the Photoshop application will be able to animate the graphics in 3D!
• Expressions and macros
You can associate several parameters or use more complex expressions that will control a group of parameters using a single slider. This way of working provides simultaneous control of a whole series of characteristics. In addition, the built-in macro function allows you to create and apply only the right tools!

• Additional plug-ins OpenFX
Fusion Studio makes it possible to use the OpenFX plug-ins and has its own SDK package for the extended use of additional 2D and 3D modules. Support for plugins GenArts, RE: Vision Effects, Frischluft and BorisFX, as well as tools Flow Effects, Karta VR and Krokodove allows you to create graphics and 3D special effects at the most modern level!
• Automation of broadcast graphics
For repetitive tasks Fusion allows you to create your own scripts, and update them in real time. For example, you can use a script based on Python or Lua with a simple text document to automatically render new broadcast graphics, titles and animations, including elements such as a weather map, sports scoreboard, program list or newsline. Preparation of the material will take several minutes, and in a moment the final video will be on air!

New professional features:
• Virtual reality
Support for all major helmets and virtual reality glasses, interactive viewing and working with a stereoscopic environment.
• Tracking the movement of the camera
Analysis of the movement of the shooting technique allows you to recreate the motion path of the 3D camera and the focal length of the lens to add computer graphics and other virtual objects.
• Planar tracking.
Analysis of the image area with automatic collection of the necessary data to determine the plane of motion, which can be used when manipulating the shape of the object and stabilizing the video.
• Delta Keyer and Clean Plate
The Clean Plate tool allows you to get a clean contour image on any background for exceptionally accurate keying using the Delta Keyer module.
• Tracking and rotoscoping The
data of plane tracking can be used in rotoscoping to create an accurate trajectory of the selected elements and their correct placement in relation to other objects.
• Studio Player
A new playback engine and an improved editing line with support for custom sheets and storyboards, versioning and the ability to enter additional notes.
• New formats
Support for ProRes, DNxHR and MXF formats allows you to cross material between DaVinci Resolve, Fusion and other applications.
• GPU-acceleration
In addition to the standard GPU-acceleration, many Fusion tools now support OpenCL, which allows you to perform operations even faster.Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 9.0.2 Build 15 + Edit Connection Repack crack

Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 9.0.2 Technical Setup Details

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  • Compatibility Architecture: 32 Bit (x86) / 64 Bit (x64)
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